12 Deadly Mistakes You May Be Making That’s Killing Your Chances With Every Woman You Meet

Dear Friend,

What if I told you there where 12 MAJOR things men do that cause them to fail at attracting or dating the women they’re interested in…

… over and over again?

And what if I told that by simply learning what these mistakes are and then stopping yourself from making them, not only would your “chances” with women improve DRASTCALLY, but women would also start finding you irresistibly attractive everywhere you go?

Well, it’s true.

And here’s why:

There seems to be a big misconception out there that you have to DO certain things to become successful with women.

You know, you have to have all the “right lines” and all the “right moves”.

But the truth is, ninety percent of the time, what kills men’s chances with women is not because of what they’re not doing – it’s due to what they’re ALREADY doing.

And these things all make a woman think: “No thanks!”

So the secret is to just STOP making these deadly mistakes with women starting right now:

MISTAKE #1: Neglecting Your Personal Appearance Or Wearing A Sour Expression

Here’s a simple, yet important question:

When you look in the mirror, are you impressed with what and who you see?

Why is this so important?

Well, if you have trouble with women, I’m willing to bet that there’s some aspect of yourself or your appearance that you don’t like.

So what do you do about it?

Perhaps you neglect how you look.

Maybe you’re careless and take shortcuts instead of being “selective” in making sure you look the very best you can.

I mean, it’s a no-brainer really… but you HAVE TO care about the way you present yourself to be attractive to women. And this especially means the expression you wear, not just your hygiene.


Simply because women will never respect you unless you first respect yourself. And that means feeling great because you’re 100% satisfied with yourself.

WORRY will repel women fast, as it wipes the smile off your face and replaces it with a frown or even a scowl.

So spend some time in front of the mirror EVERY DAY.

In fact, do this until you can fully accept what you can’t change about yourself and you’re motivated enough to change what you have the power to change… until you’re completely satisfied every time you look in the mirror.

MISTAKE #2: Hesitating To Make A Move Even Though You Know You Want To

I’m willing to bet you’ve been in a situation with a woman you found attractive – a woman you’d have loved to talk to – but instead of making a move, you did NOTHING.

You got nervous, then hesitated… until the opportunity passed you by only to kick yourself later for doing nothing when you had the chance.

We’ve all been there.

Yeah, it sucks.

And guess what else?

Chances are, most women you’ve wanted to talk to but didn’t, KNEW you wanted to talk to them. Women are great at sensing these things. They know how to “read the vibe”.

And the longer you hesitate, the less attractive you become in their eyes.

So PROCRASTINATION is a killer in more ways than one.

How do you beat it?

Think about it this way:

If you see a woman you want to talk to her, GO talk to her!

Because if you don’t, remind yourself that two very “bad” things will happen if you don’t:

1) You’re screwing up your chance if you do approach her later.

2) You’ll regret it later and wonder what could have happened.

So ask yourself: What’s worse…

Feeling a little nervous and taking action, even if all you get is experience – or killing your chance before you begin, and having nothing happen so you never know what “could have been”?

Screw it! Take a little nervousness. It’s worth it. Trust me.

MISTAKE #3: Expecting A Woman To Reject You Before Even Trying

After you’ve spotted an attractive woman and thought how great it would be hook-up with her, has this thought process ever run through your mind:

“I should approach her BUT she probably has a boyfriend.”

“I should ask her out BUT I’m probably not her type.”

“I should get her phoned number BUT she probably only likes athletic guys.”

Do I need to go on? I think you get the point.

OVER-CAUTION will stop you from even charging your rockets, let alone lifting off the ground. And let’s not even mention flying through the atmosphere.

So stop trying to talk yourself out of taking action.

For the truth is, you’ll NEVER know without getting the facts. And the only way to get the facts is to find out first-hand.

So stop over-analyzing your situations.

It’s doing NOTHING for you other than stopping you from meeting women or letting them into your life.

Yeah, maybe it’s a “safety device”, but what?

Is a woman going to beat you up or something?


So kick all these excuses out of your mind the moment you notice them trying to “break in”.

MISTAKE #4: Trying To “Force” A Woman Into Making The Decisions Or Leading The Way

After picking a woman up or calling her for a date, how many times have you asked her what she would like to do or where she would like to go?

You know, something like:

“So… what do you want to do?”


“Where would you like to go?”

Well, what’s wrong with that?

I mean, doesn’t it show you want her to have a good time?

After all, how are you supposed to know unless you ask, right?

Here’s the deal:

Women aren’t attracted to guys who are INDECISIVE. Guys who sit on the fence and wait for others to make their decisions for them don’t exactly “sweep women off their feet”.

That should be obvious.

And not only that, but trying to make a woman plan the date YOU are taking her on puts the pressure on her.

So stop “forcing” – or putting women into a position to make any decisions about the dates you’re taking them on. I mean, who likes being “backed into a corner”?

Instead, just TELL THEM where you’ve decided to go or what you’ve decided you’re going to do.

And if they go along with it, guess what?

It’s perfectly OK with them. Just stop worrying… make a damn decision and roll with it.

MISTAKE #5: Asking Whether A Woman Likes You Or If You Have A Chance

Have you ever said any of these things to a woman during the middle of a date or as the evening was coming to an end:

“So how do you like me so far?”

“Am I your type?”

“Do I have a chance with you?”

I mean, how else are you supposed to know how things are going, right?

After all, if you don’t ask, how will you know?

Well, one thing’s for sure:

If you ask ANY questions about how she feels about you, you automatically guarantee that she WON’T be interested in you or attracted to you?

And if she was, you just killed it!


We all know women love men with confidence, right? And would a confident man ask if a woman liked him?

Hell no!

He would assume he could do no wrong. He would just do his thing, and if a woman continued seeing him, that’s all the “knowing” he’d need.

Women aren’t attracted to men who DOUBT themselves or wonder about whether they’re attractive to the opposite sex.

So stop doubting whether a woman would find you attractive.

In fact, assuming they are attracted will be ten times more effective than wondering about it.

MISTAKE #6: Agreeing With Everything A Woman Says And Never Expressing Your Own Opinions

What do most men do when they’re in a conversation with a woman they find attractive?

They listen… intently.

In fact, they nod their heads and agree with everything she says.

Some call this “caring”, but I call it having a WEAK PERSONALITY.

And guess what?

You can have a strong personality and still be a caring person. In fact, you can be even more “caring”.

However, being “respectful” is a better word for it.

Here’s what I mean:

Have you ever agreed with a woman when she said something like: “Babies are so cute”?

Or do you really agree if a woman says that spring is the best season?

I don’t know. Maybe you do.

But let’s say you don’t – or else think of a time when you had a different opinion than what a woman was expressing.

If you were agreeable even when you disagreed internally, guess what you were really doing?

You were being dishonest. You were communicating something that wasn’t true about what you REALLY thought.

I’ve done it. In fact, I used to be great at it.

But when I started expressing my opinions or when I disagreed, it immediately peaked women’s interests.

Now, I’m not saying you should go around starting arguments with women over tiny things just to prove you have a strong personality.

But what I am saying it’s that is OK to disagree with women.

It’s called being authentic and honest about who you are.

MISTAKE #7: Bragging About Your Accomplishments Or Showing Off Your Possessions

How do most men try to impress a woman they’re interested in?

They brag or show-off.

You know, they talk about what they’ve accomplished. They go on about how talented they are. Or they purposely sport any “luxurious” possessions they have or overtly show-off their muscular bodies.

And for what purpose?

Basically, they’re doing this as a way of trying to prove they’re worthy of a woman’s attention or affection.

But what does it REALLY say about them?

It says, “I don’t think I’m good enough for you, so I’m going to OVERCOMPENSATE for that fact by putting on a big show and hopefully you’ll buy it.”

Ah, the INFERIORITY COMPLEX – you gotta kick that attitude out of your system as soon as possible!

After all, how do women actually respond to this?

They roll their eyes.

And if you don’t see it, you can bet they’re doing it mentally. They just hide it in their inner thoughts.

So don’t brag and don’t show-off.

It will just make you look insecure.. and we all know insecurity is a huge turn-off to women.

MISTAKE #8: Asking A Woman For Permission Before Making A Move

Have you ever asked a woman any of these things:

“Can I have your phone number?”

“Can I take you out sometime?”

“Can I kiss you?’

If you think about it, what you were REALLY doing was asking her for permission before you made a decision that BELONGED to you!

I know this can be a blurry issue, so think about it this way:

What if a very good friend started asking you if he could talk to you every time he saw you?

How would you respond?

The first time, you’d say, “Well… yeah… of course!”

But the second, third, fourth time?

Aside from being annoyed and even uneasy about it, wouldn’t you feel like yelling: “Just talk to me! Say what you want. You DON’T have to ask if it’s okay with me. Why? Should it bother me or something?”

In fact, if he kept this up, I bet you wouldn’t stay friends with him for much longer.

Guys who have a LACK OF INITIATIVE literally weird women out.

Though they’re trying to make sure everything is “comfortable” and OK with a woman, they actually end up accomplishing the COMPLETE opposite by being overly-accommodating.

So if you want to take a woman out or kiss her, don’t ask…


MISTAKE #9: Getting Irritable When Another Man Talks To A Woman You’re Interested In

Has it ever bothered you when you noticed a woman you’re interested in was enjoying the company of another man?

Maybe they were just talking… or maybe it was obvious she was attracted to him by the way she touched him.

Have you ever let that put knots in your stomach?

Maybe I don’t need to mention that JEALOUSY is a huge turn-off to women… but it is.

It’s HUGE!

In fact, if you show jealousy toward a woman who’s your girlfriend, you may have just given her permission to cheat on you.

See, the moment a guy shows jealousy, a woman unconsciously seems to think: “Oh! This isn’t a guy I want to keep around. But I’ll wait until I find and secure another guy before I dump him.”

You MUST get this one handled!

Women aren’t possessions. They can talk to whoever they want.

So why should that bother you?

That’s right! It shouldn’t.

Don’t make your self-esteem dependent on a woman.

MISTAKE #10: Blaming A Woman For Being Interested In Or Dating Someone Else

The common problem I see when guys first learning how to be better with women is this:

They often blame women for going after the guys they get together with. You know, usually the jock or jerk types.

It seems like these guys just can’t grasp why women wouldn’t go for a guy who treats them so much “better”… a guy who treats them like a princess.

But let me ask you this:

How would you feel if a woman blamed you for being attracted to a Pamela Anderson blonde bombshell type? What if she criticized and condemned you for it.

What would you think?

Other than being extremely annoyed, wouldn’t you think:

“Wow! She just doesn’t understand how men tick. We can’t help but get attracted and even turned-on when we see women like that.”

And as you may have guessed already…

Women CAN’T help what kind of guy they’re attracted to either. They really have little choice in the matter.

So FINDING FAULT with women for who they are and what they find attractive in men will not only NOT change a damn thing, it will actually make you bitter toward women, which will completely stop you from any kind of “romantic relationships” with them.

Accept women for who they. And accept what they find attractive in men. Then simply learn to get in touch with that part of yourself.

MISTAKE #11: Trying To Buy A Woman’s Affection With Money, Time, Favors, Or Compliments

Why do guys spend loads of money, endless time, and great effort doing things for women… but still don’t end up with the girl?

In short:

None of that works if you want to attract a woman. And without attraction, ALL YOU HAVE IS A FRIENDSHIP.


The only way to have a “romantic relationship” with a woman is for her to feel attraction as a direct result of being around you.

Dinners, gifts, flowers, favors – you know the routine – DOESN’T cause a woman to be attracted to you.

And it NEVER will. Ever.

This is really just a form of GAMBLING. And all gamblers lose, sooner or later.

So why not go with an approach that doesn’t involve losing.

Stop trying to buy a woman’s affection… and instead focus on causing her to feel attracted to you – all without needing money, compliments, and the rest of the standard garbage advice out there that doesn’t work.

MISTAKE #12: Doing Nothing And Settling For Being Single Or Miserable

You know what?

Every guy out there secretly wants to be great with women, but what do most of them do about it?

A big, old NOTHING.

That’s right!


No wonder the one who does do something ends up having more options than he can handle in the long-run.

And no wonder other guys complain about a guy like this – he has what they wish they had the balls to get.

INDIFFERENCE will get you nowhere with women.

But here’s the solution:

The reality is that any guy can become successful with women starting with but one decision – the choice to do whatever is necessary to get exactly what he wants.

For when you come to that kind of resolve or definite decision, something happens:

You stop allowing yourself to do anything that gets between you and what you want: You stop blaming, excusing, and complaining.

And instead you DO something about it.

Then, no longer do you let yourself settle for being unhappily single or for any woman who shows interest in you, even though she’s not the “type” of woman you REALLY want.

So how do you get started down this path?

Well, a great way to start is to download a copy of my “Cool Guy with Women” eBook.

In Part 1, I discuss how a man who’s great with women thinks differently than guys who aren’t… and why it gets him results where others fail.

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